Silver Eagle Refining has worked to become not only an intrinsically safe energy company, but an intrinsically safe “re-energized” energy company.


First and foremost, this is the focus of the Silver Eagle Refining organization, which is to provide a safe facility for the employees to work, and a safe environment for the residents of Woods Cross.


Silver Eagle is continuously seeking and implementing ways to minimize emissions from its refineries, to assist other municipal governments, agencies, and industry in improving air quality within Davis County and the Salt Lake Valley.


Silver Eagle endeavors to be a good corporate neighbor, by assisting in positive ways with the Woods Cross and South Davis communities. Silver Eagle endeavors to work collaboratively with municipality governments, agencies, and private groups to improve the quality of life within the immediate surroundings of our Woods Cross Refinery.

Tier III Gasoline

Tier III gasoline regulations for the Salt Lake area refineries do not go into effect until 2020, but we are producing Tier III gasoline today, and have been producing it for some time in our Evanston refinery. Every batch of gasoline produced at the Silver Eagle Refining Evanston facility in 2016 and 2017 met the Tier 3 requirement of 10 ppm. Read More…

Fuels for Today and Tomorrow

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